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An extraordinary adventure to discover 600 years of life at sea

A glass and steel cladding designed by the Spanish architect Guillermo Vasquez Consuegra gives a new life to the oldest building in the Darsena area, the former arsenal of the Republic of Genoa, where galleys were built, armed and launched.

Galata Maritime Museum was opened in 2004, when Genoa was awarded European Capital of Culture. Today, this innovative and technological establishment is the largest maritime museum in the Mediterranean Sea.

But there’s more – the museum is outside, too! Here you can discover the Galata Open Air Museum.


A bird’s-eye view of Genoa and Renzo Piano “Affresco”, his blueprint for a Genoa for the future, welcomes you. Get back to 1481 and admire the view of the city in a painting by Cristoforo Grassi.
Meet Christopher Columbus in the famous portrait attributed to Ghirlandaio. Then Codice dei Privilegi, a collection of original manuscripts, contains the story the great navigator.
The room of the arsenal of Republic of Genoa takes you to the replica of a 40-metre long Galley dating back to the 17th century and located on the original slipwa. Get on board of the Galley and discover more.

  • Galley
  • Armory


Take a look at the Galley and at the sergeant standing on the oar banks from above. Discover how to build an 11-metre long oar and watch the re-enactment of the arrival of silver coffers to Genoa from Spain. In the Atlases and Globes’ Room you can see how geographical discoveries traced the contours of new lands and seas during the 16th and 17th century. Touch screens allow visitors to browse through maps of that period and geo-localize them to the present day. In the following room discover the imaginary world of the sea between wonder and fear.

Space for temporary exhibitions: Saletta dell’Arte

  • Galley


Leaving sea monsters behind, we dive into the theme of sea storms, ex-voto, shipwrecks and sea rescues. Experience a 4D reproduction of a shipwreck near Cape Horn on board of a lifeboat at the mercy of the waves in the Storm Room (at scheduled times). The same room also hosts the original raft on which, in 1978, Fogar and Mancini spent 74 days without food in the Atlantic Ocean.
You can have a look at the scientific instruments in the charthouse and “steer” a brigantine-schooner from the 19th century. Discover more on www.memoriaemigrazioni.itAfter the walk through the shipyard and the carpentry, you can visit an old yacht club hosting the paintings of the valuable Croce collection.
Space for temporary exhibitions: Galleria delle Esposizioni (Show Gallery)

  • Hall of the storm
  • Brigantine


The MEM (Memory and Migration) section is dedicated to Italian emigration by sea and to the recent phenomenon of immigration to Italy. Put yourself in the shoes of emigrants seeking their fortunes overseas with just their passports and tickets and then listen to the accounts of foreigners who came to Italy and now live here. Discover more on
If you want to travel first class, you can go on the deck of a steamer which can be steered around the ocean thanks to a ship simulator.
Finally, the Nazario Sauro Submarine School prepares visitors for the tour of the submarine and delivers further information.

  • MEM – Memory and Migration
  • Streamship


The terrace MiraGenova welcomes you with a lovely panoramic view on the port and the historical centre of Genoa. A sitting area overlooking a terraced garden with plants from Liguria, 6 totems and 2 lecterns frame and describe historical and artistic monuments and itineraries.  Starting from here, you can visit the city on foot through five tourist routes.


Following the example of other great maritime museums around the world, the Galata created an Open Air Museum on the docks which narrates the story of the Genoese shipyards and the maritime trade activities that took place in this area.


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