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4D Hall of the storm
Get on board a lifeboat in a stormy sea

The “Sala della Tempesta in 4D” (4D Hall of the storm) is to be experienced firsthand and allows visitors to become protagonists and get on board a lifeboat during a storm.

The new set up includes a first section focused on storms in the course of history: paintings, prints, engravings, ex-votos and simple daily life objects found on the lifeboats allow visitors to discover the origins, the reasons and the history of those who decided to cross the most terrible sea stretches, such as Cape Horn, and are the protagonists of the new exhibition. In the second section, which is in line with the “Get on board” philosophy of the Galata Museo del mare, you can discover the 4D experience.

The future castaway is found is a dark room, lit by one single light source facing the ceiling, where an upside – down original lifeboat (an original whaleship of the 19th century with all its equipment) represents the last moments of desperation. The excited voice of the boatswain, who appears on the screen wearing his “sou’western”, the typical clothes (oilskin and hat) of the time, invites the public to get on board another lifeboat, to seat on one of the benches, to grab the oars and start rowing because, as the boatswain is shouting, “our boat is about to sink and we have to get away”.

In the meantime, the screens lit up and show Cape Horn, while waves and rain alternate with strong wind gusts, involving the visitor in a multisensory experience. The boat pitches, it goes up and down on the waves – you would better hold tight – while albatrosses, killer whales and whales float like ghosts near the survivors.

A few, really intense minutes, will teach you that you just don’t mess with the sea. A powerful experience, where history and boating meet in a fascinating setting, opening new frontiers for edutainment. The four dots mobile platform was realized by company Moviemex of Catania (4d cinema set up) and the virtual stormy sea is created by Federico Basso, a talented Genoese movie maker. The multimedia aspect is managed by ETT spa, with which the Galata Museo del mare cooperated for the realization of the Nazario Sauro Submarine and the MeM Memorie e Migrazioni” (MeM Reminiscences and Migrations) pavilion. Here is the real question: will we survive the shipwreck? Who is going to rescue us in the icy and stormy waters of Cape Horn? We just have to go the Galata Museo del Mare and find that out.