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MEM – Memory and Migration section is dedicated to Italian emigration by sea and to the recent phenomenon of immigration to Italy.

The path, covering an area of 1200 square metres, with more than 40 multimedia stations tells how migrations have left – and are still leaving – their mark on the Italian society.

The exhibition starts with a display of the life of Italian farmers, the largest migrant group at the time, during the 19th century and, then, leads visitors through the rebuilding of Genoa and its alleys, which took in – but also exploited – immigrants in the 1800s. A reproduction of the steamer “Città di Torino”, which transported hundreds of thousands of “steerage passengers” (as the Americans mockingly called them) throughout its long period of service, is also on display, along with the reconstruction of various settings from the different destinations of Italian migrants: urban settings, like the colourful district of La Boca in Buenos Aires, but also rural settlements (sometimes in the middle of the forest as in Brazil) and, finally, the most famous one: Ellis Island.
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