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Many activities, a single museum

The museum offers all kinds of experiences, leaded by different actors, depending on the needs.
Toengage the class on a specific activity on a particular topic, take part in the educational activities, i.e. in-depth analysis and workshops.
For class is on a school trip and you’d like to visit the whole museum with a guide, you should choose a guided tour.
To work on migration – also at school –check the dedicated website



For special activity taking place in museum and outdoor, try the sail boat of the Centro Velico Interforze in Genoa Pegli.
To develop a programme of several meetings a year between school and museum, take part in the partnership projects of the museum’s Educational Services.
All activities are supervised and followed by Mu.MA Education Service

Finding wrecks

 1h e 30'

Let’s hunt down the leudo! But what is a leudo?
It is a typical Ligurian cargo ship, whose components are immersed in the depths of a “blue balls sea” and must be retrieved and put together in a boat-shaped puzzle. The children look for the eight lost pieces among the little balls, then they identify and compare them to the board that shows their picture.
Only in this way they will recreate the leudo’s wreck!


Cardboard Suitcases

 1h e 30'

What did an emigrant put in his suitcase when he/she left his/her life in Italy and set sail to America? We gather the objects the emigrants forgot on the steamer Città di Torino and put them along the museum’s rooms.

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